Sunday, September 20, 2009

94 Mile (6 Hour Ride) Chuckanut Century on 09/20/2009

This is the longest ride of my Ironman training. As luck would have it, the Chuckanut Century ride out of Bellingham was today as well. This is, easily, the most scenic organized ride I have ever been on in Washington state. The views along Chuckanut drive are just amazing. As I was riding through the farmland south of Edison, an adolescent Bald Eagle (still all brown) crossed in front of me and started flying low over the farmland, not 10 feet of the ground. He was likely searching for rodents. We traveled along together for about a mile as I looking over from my position on the aero bars marveling at the grace and effortless power of this magnificent animal. It is a memory I will cherish forever. ***20 Days to Kona!*** - General Road Cycling: Chuckanut Century on 09/20/2009 Shared via AddThis

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