Monday, October 12, 2009

An Ironman!

After 14 hours, 41 minutes in the heat and wind of western Hawaii, I finally crossed the finish line. The swim went well, and I felt pretty good about my time. The bike segment was going OK until I ran into the headwinds while heading north to the turn around at Hawi. They then shifted (as they often do) to become headwinds as I returned south! The umbrella my sister was using to protect her one-year old from the sun was actually inverted by a gust. Not suprisingly, my bike time was longer than I had hoped at 7 hours, 11 minutes. After that long ride, I headed out in the afternoon heat to start the marathon, which took 5 hours and 46 minutes. Half of it was run in near total darkness as there are no street lights as soon as you leave Kona. Thankfully, I had a lovely note and a picture of our sweet Forrest waiting for me in a special run needs bag at about mile 16. In that bag, I also had my father's tie. A tie I have worn or had present at most major events of my adult life. I carried that tie the last 10.2 miles and held it high as I crossed the finish line at 14 hours, 41 minutes and 1 second. In a field of top 5% finishers in qualifying Ironman races (plus 149 other lottery winners), I placed 162 out of 192 in my age division and 1501 out of 1853 overall. More importantly, I learned something about my inner resolve I did not know before, met some inspiring and encouraging people and raised over $4300 to help cure ALS. All of this has made every hour of training and every mile of distance covered worth it. Now, I think I will take a nap...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Race Day

Laurie and Forrest, Terry, Mary, Dorothy, Aud, Peter, Margaret and Paul This is for you.

Friday, October 9, 2009

One Day to Go

I dropped my bike and T1 (Swim to Bike) and T2 (Bike to Run) gear bags off today for tomorrow's race. You are led by a volunteer through a path lined by people taking note of all the gear on your bike. The volunteer assigned to me was a cheerful italian girl who is working in Honolulu. Like 5000 people, she volunteered to be a part of this special event. After learning where the showers (garden hoses coming down from the roof of a tent) and changing tents are located, I placed my bags on a numbered hook and was led out. I called Randy Collee this morning and got some very helpful advice about nutrition before and during the ride, and some practical advice about how to handle the difficult moments during the run when it feels like too much (make something in your head, from the barest essential ingredients). He was, as always, incredibly reassuring and helpful. I also called Al Truscott and got some very helpful tips. He was at the pre race banquet and meeting too and was a huge help. I had an early dinner of pasta and chicken and plan to be in bed and trying to sleep by 9PM. I feel a little calmer today but really felt the enormity of what I am taking on as I drove back to the hotel along the seemingly endless Queen K highway. John and Nancy and Trisha, John and Liam are here. To have family here means so much to me. ***1 Day to Kona!***

14 Mile Queen Kaahumanu Highway Bike Ride on 10/08/2009

It's 2:30 PM Laurie and Forrest have just dropped me off at the Waikoloa turnoff. I am down on the aero bars riding along the famous Queen K Highway in preparation for the 31st running of the World Ironman Championship. This us surreal. Imaging getting to practice hitting and running the bases at Yankee stadium, or to drive the Indy 500 course. I chose this part because it is representative of the infamous winds that can blow up to 60 MPH, usually in your face on the way out to the turnaround at Hawi and then back again on the return. In addition, there are long rolling hills that are deceptive due to the stark lava fields. I still really can't believe I am here! I went for a .9 mile swim in Kailua Bay this morning, just out to the floating esspresso stand at the 700 meter makr (complete with underwater sign and I am not making this up). We went to the pre-race banquet (carbo loading fest) with a great traditional Hawaiian show and lots of inspirational video clips and pep talks. The temperature has been in the mid 80's. The wind on the ride makes this bearable. The run will be harder, but this will occur later in the day. My race number is 631. Anyonw who logs onto can follow my progress live throughout the day on Saturday. I am also # 6 in fundraising through the Janus Charity Challange. If I can get to # 5 I will be one of the top finishers who gets a $1000 matching gift from Janus to go to curing ALS. Any readers are encouraged to visit the fundraising link at the top left of this page. ***2 Days to Kona!*** - Road Cycling - Medium Intensity: Bike Ride on 10/08/2009 Shared via AddThis

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

45 MinuteTreadmill Run on 10/07/2009

Back to training after a call day and preparations for the trip to Kona. One of our great medical assistants Kim Nichols put together a lovely card signed by the gang at work to wish me well. That meant so much to me. I'll be taking it to Hawaii. I woke up early this morning and decided to get a quick run in before the long plane flight. I think that will help calm some of my pre-race jitters, at least for today! ***3 Days to Kona!*** - Treadmill: Treadmill Run on 10/07/2009 Shared via AddThis

Sunday, October 4, 2009

36 Mile Kitsap Color Classic on 10/04/2009

I started my training with the first organized Cascade Cyclic Club ride of the year, Chilly Hilly. Only then, I didn't know I would win a lottery slot to race in Kona. I just wanted to loss some of that winter weight. Today, I rode in the last organized ride of the season, the Kitsap Color Classic. A lovely fall color ride through the Kitsap penninsula. I chose the 36 mile Port Gamble-Pouslbo loop as my tapering program only called for a two hour ride today. The strong headwinds from the north and the 2000 feet of climbing made for a serious workout. The trees in Port Gamble were in full fall regalia and Poulsbo is as charming as ever. How I managed to peda; past those bakeries, I'll never know! ***6 Days to Kona!*** - General Road Cycling: Kitsap Color Classic on 10/04/2009 Shared via AddThis

Saturday, October 3, 2009

17 Mile Ride then 4 Mile Run: Brick Workout: Biking/Running on 10/03/2009

1 Hour ride to Seward Park and back, then 4 mile run in the neighborhood with Murphy. Had to bundle up as fall has definately arrived! ***7 Days to Kona!*** - General Road Cycling: Brick Workout: Biking/Running on 10/03/2009 Shared via AddThis

2 Mile Lap Swim on 10/02/2009

3500 yard lap swim at Evans Pool with brother John. Followed by a nice take out dinner from Costa's. Yum! - Laps / Swimming Pool: Lap Swim on 10/02/2009 Shared via AddThis

Friday, October 2, 2009

5 Mile Treadmill Run on 10/02/2009

Early morning 45 minute treadmill run this morning to make up for yesterday. I had some things to after work that got in the way. I pumped up the pace to 7 MPH for part of the workout to see how I would tolerate that. Not ready to sustain it but it felt pretty good! ***8 Days to Kona!*** - Treadmill: Treadmill Run on 10/02/2009 Shared via AddThis