Friday, October 9, 2009

One Day to Go

I dropped my bike and T1 (Swim to Bike) and T2 (Bike to Run) gear bags off today for tomorrow's race. You are led by a volunteer through a path lined by people taking note of all the gear on your bike. The volunteer assigned to me was a cheerful italian girl who is working in Honolulu. Like 5000 people, she volunteered to be a part of this special event. After learning where the showers (garden hoses coming down from the roof of a tent) and changing tents are located, I placed my bags on a numbered hook and was led out. I called Randy Collee this morning and got some very helpful advice about nutrition before and during the ride, and some practical advice about how to handle the difficult moments during the run when it feels like too much (make something in your head, from the barest essential ingredients). He was, as always, incredibly reassuring and helpful. I also called Al Truscott and got some very helpful tips. He was at the pre race banquet and meeting too and was a huge help. I had an early dinner of pasta and chicken and plan to be in bed and trying to sleep by 9PM. I feel a little calmer today but really felt the enormity of what I am taking on as I drove back to the hotel along the seemingly endless Queen K highway. John and Nancy and Trisha, John and Liam are here. To have family here means so much to me. ***1 Day to Kona!***

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