Sunday, October 4, 2009

36 Mile Kitsap Color Classic on 10/04/2009

I started my training with the first organized Cascade Cyclic Club ride of the year, Chilly Hilly. Only then, I didn't know I would win a lottery slot to race in Kona. I just wanted to loss some of that winter weight. Today, I rode in the last organized ride of the season, the Kitsap Color Classic. A lovely fall color ride through the Kitsap penninsula. I chose the 36 mile Port Gamble-Pouslbo loop as my tapering program only called for a two hour ride today. The strong headwinds from the north and the 2000 feet of climbing made for a serious workout. The trees in Port Gamble were in full fall regalia and Poulsbo is as charming as ever. How I managed to peda; past those bakeries, I'll never know! ***6 Days to Kona!*** - General Road Cycling: Kitsap Color Classic on 10/04/2009 Shared via AddThis

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