Friday, October 9, 2009

14 Mile Queen Kaahumanu Highway Bike Ride on 10/08/2009

It's 2:30 PM Laurie and Forrest have just dropped me off at the Waikoloa turnoff. I am down on the aero bars riding along the famous Queen K Highway in preparation for the 31st running of the World Ironman Championship. This us surreal. Imaging getting to practice hitting and running the bases at Yankee stadium, or to drive the Indy 500 course. I chose this part because it is representative of the infamous winds that can blow up to 60 MPH, usually in your face on the way out to the turnaround at Hawi and then back again on the return. In addition, there are long rolling hills that are deceptive due to the stark lava fields. I still really can't believe I am here! I went for a .9 mile swim in Kailua Bay this morning, just out to the floating esspresso stand at the 700 meter makr (complete with underwater sign and I am not making this up). We went to the pre-race banquet (carbo loading fest) with a great traditional Hawaiian show and lots of inspirational video clips and pep talks. The temperature has been in the mid 80's. The wind on the ride makes this bearable. The run will be harder, but this will occur later in the day. My race number is 631. Anyonw who logs onto can follow my progress live throughout the day on Saturday. I am also # 6 in fundraising through the Janus Charity Challange. If I can get to # 5 I will be one of the top finishers who gets a $1000 matching gift from Janus to go to curing ALS. Any readers are encouraged to visit the fundraising link at the top left of this page. ***2 Days to Kona!*** - Road Cycling - Medium Intensity: Bike Ride on 10/08/2009 Shared via AddThis

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