Thursday, August 27, 2009

16 Mile Early Morning Ride to Seward and Back on 08/27/2009

Got up early to get a workout in before going on call. The lack of traffic along Lake Washington Blvd was a nice change from usual. The first few miles were a bit rough after yesterday's workout, but I got settled into the groove and finished feeling rejuvinated and ready for the day. - Road Cycling - Medium Intensity: Ride to Seward and Back on 08/27/2009 Shared via AddThis


  1. Hey Tim!

    What a ride?!

    I found your site buy googling "How to get into Kona" (or something like that). I am jealous, envious and interested in what you are doing. It reminds me of the saying "100% of the lottery winners purchased a ticket!" I just finished my first Ironman race at Lake Stevens (#403) and have been watching Kona videos every day since (you NEED to get a copy - I have 91-08).

    Good luck and enjoy the journey!


  2. Hi Casey,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I was at the Lake Stevens 70.3(#835) and have the Day-Glo yellow shirt to prove it!
    This was my third year of trying to get into the Ironman lottery. As they say in Kona, "anything is possible!"
    Good luck in your efforts. I hope you win (or earn!) a slot.