Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Training Ride to Seward Park Then Run with Murphy on 08/18/2009

First workout after the Lake Stevens 70.3. I was stiff at work all day but feel I have made a much better recovery after this race than at Vineman. I rode down to Seward Park and back and felt good on the bike, then a quick transition to running shoes and headed out for a 30 minute run with Murphy. That was a little more of a challenge, particularly the steep hill at the climb. But, I learned there is no hill you can't climb if you have an Irish Setter at your side and Alison Krauss singing with Robert Plant on the iPod :-) MapMyTri.com - Regular Run: Post Ride Run with Murphy on 08/18/2009 Shared via AddThis

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  1. tim, you're one of the most positive people i know! it's good to hear you and murphy are spending so much time bonding too!