Wednesday, August 5, 2009

20 Mile Indoor Roller Training Ride on 08/04/2009

Riding of my rollers allows me to get a workout in while I am on call. If needed, I can get to the emergency room or hospital almost as quickly as if I was not working out. This ride averaged 15 MPH, a slow pace except that the resistance device on the rollers makes the ride not unlike a long slow climb. I have been thinking about what an amazing opportunity this lottery win is. The Ironman World championship is the World Series or Super Bowl of this sport. Imaging winning a chance to play for in one of those events! I've also been looking back over my training log. Since April 11 (when I first started tracking my workouts on I have logged 1180 miles and have burned through 117,000 calories! And I still have 2 months of the hardest training yet to go! - Road Cycling - Medium Intensity: Roller Training Ride on 08/04/2009 Shared via AddThis

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